Can getting a tan prevent tooth decay?

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins to our health. It has been known to develop strong bones, combat depression and Alzheimer's disease, and even works to prevent certain cancers. And these are just to name a few of its benefits!

It's time to add one more notch on its belt. Vitamin D may just work to prevent tooth decay. It has been found that it may help absorb the calcium that our teeth need in order to grow strong and healthy. Here are a few ways to get more vitamin D into your life.

Get outside

Sunlight is a great way to get a vit-hit because it activates vitamin D creation in the body. Try to catch the sun's rays for about twenty minutes a few times a week, and always wear sunscreen. The sun in the winter isn't going to be as effective, and it isn't the same when you are standing in a window catching sunlight. You'll want actual sun exposure. Sounds like it's time to spend lunch by the pool!


There are a few fatty fish out there that can provide you with a pretty good amount of vitamin D. Salmon and trout are both great options. You can make a very healthy meal with these tasty fish, but not all kids are keen on having fish for dinner, so you might want to try making a tuna casserole, or a dish that is easily disguised as something other than healthy.


Many of your fortified milks will have vitamin D added to them. Be sure you check the label though. Not all dairy products have vitamin D in them, so you'll want to do your research before you start buying cheeses and yogurts. However, milk is much easier to get your kids to drink than some of the alternatives.


If you find that you aren't getting enough vitamin D through the sun and foods, then you can talk to your doctor about a supplement. This way, you'll still be able to get the proper amount that will help prevent tooth decay.


Not all cereals are good for you, but there are some that do contain vitamin D. Make sure you check the labels for vitamin D—sugary cereal may be a great guilty pleasure at times, but if you're trying to help your teeth, they're definitely not going to work!


Vitamin D can be found in the egg yolk, so if you have been eating egg white omelets, you might be missing out some very important nutrients. Be sure that you monitor how many eggs you eat though, because they do have a lot of cholesterol in them. One large egg, or two small eggs, will give you the correct amount.

Visit your dentist

Of course when it comes to tooth decay, be sure that you don't just rely on how much vitamin D you get. Make sure that you are brushing, flossing, and making your regular dentists visits and cleanings. This will be the best preventative measure.

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