How much sugar is in the ever-popular pumpkin foods and drinks?

Pumpkin foods and drinks are great for spreading seasonal cheer, but they’re not always so good for your health. Have you ever wondered what exactly is in everything pumpkin? Find out just how much sugar you’re consuming with each sip of that pumpkin spice latte.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Every year, the return of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is hotly anticipated by coffee lovers who want their favorite beverage spiked with cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and whipped cream. At 49 grams of sugar in a standard-size beverage, the pumpkin spice latte boasts twice the recommended daily amount of sugar for women. 

This syrupy sweet beverage is a hit every autumn, but it’s a nightmare for your teeth. Keep in mind that whether you drink or eat sugar, it essentially turns into an acid when it comes into contact with your teeth. Sugar works to dissolve your tooth enamel, and your mouth bacteria use the energy from sugar to grow and grab onto your teeth. Eventually, bacteria organize into plaque, which coats your teeth and eats away at the enamel.

Pumpkin Pie

A classic fall dessert, pumpkin pie has a prominent spot on most Thanksgiving tables and at other seasonal gatherings. Since it’s often a homemade treat, the sugar content in pumpkin pie can vary. One slice of the traditional recipe, however, includes 6 teaspoons of sugar, which equals the recommended daily amount of sugar for women. Drown your slice of pie in whipped cream, and your sugar intake could be off the charts, especially if this pie is the icing on the cake after a long, heavy Thanksgiving meal. 

If you want to keep enjoying pumpkin pie for years to come, keeping your teeth strong and healthy couldn’t be more important. Watching your sugar intake is a good first step, since excessive sugar can contribute to dental problems down the road. Finding a great dentist for regular dental checkups is also vital, since your dental team can identify problems with plaque, tooth decay, and more before they have a major impact on your overall health.

Pumpkin Beer

A seasonal alcoholic treat, pumpkin beer has a lengthy history in the U.S. and has delighted beer lovers since Colonial times. Though it’s not quite as old as pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer has become an autumn-themed bestseller in recent years. Before you succumb to temptation and drink an entire six-pack, though, make sure you know what’s in that bottle of pumpkin beer. Most pumpkin beers on the market average about 4 teaspoons of sugar per bottle, which is more than half the recommended daily amount for women.

The holidays tend to inspire indulgence, but make sure that if you sample a treat or two here and there, you make up for it by taking care of your health in other ways. Carefree Dental provides discounts on teeth cleaning services that will help you stay happy and healthy through the holidays and year-round. 

Whether you’re a diehard pumpkin spice latte fan or more of a casual pumpkin beer lover, enjoy these seasonal treats while you can. Follow up with a regular dental checkup or cleaning, and get Carefree Dental to save 15-50% on most procedure at dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists across the country.

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