Go to the dentist whenever you need and instantly pay a lot less!

From exams and cleanings to more expensive procedures like dentures and braces – they’re all included with the Carefree Dental card.

  • Just $15.95/month, one card works for your entire household
  • Unlimited savings with no annual limit
  • One of the largest networks of providers nationwide
  • No paperwork or waiting—you can use it today
  • Month-to-month service with no contracts
Get your card at no cost

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Don’t Wait for an Unexpected Dental Problem –
Get the Card That Works Instantly!

If you worry about big dental bills, or the high cost of unexpected dental work – you can relax. The Carefree Dental card is now available nationwide.

With the Carefree Dental card, you could be saving money on every single visit to the dentist. And when you consider that going to the dentist can easily cost $1,000 - $2,000 or more... the Carefree Dental card is an amazing bargain – it’s just $15.95 a month!

"Instead of paying $343.00 for my son Mitchell's two surface fillings, I only paid $119.00! I am so pleased with Carefree Dental!"

- Louise G., Georgia

Say Goodbye to BIG Dental Bill Worries.
Make Going to the Dentist Carefree

Use It Tomorrow

With no waiting, you’re free to start saving at the dentist as soon as you make your first payment of $15.95.


There’s no paperwork to fill out and no claims to file. Go to the dentist whenever you need – and instantly pay a lot less!

Cancel Anytime

You don’t have to sign any contracts. Your membership is month­-to-­month, and you can cancel anytime you want.

One Card Works for Your Entire Household

For just $15.95 a month your Carefree Dental card saves you on every dental visit. Plus, everyone in your household can use the same card – it’s still just one low monthly rate.

Just think: with just one card you could save on cleanings for everyone in the household... braces for all the kids... plus most dental procedures you need.

"This is an incredible dental care plan, with awesome discount and savings. I love the opportunity to be able to get the awesome savings for me and my family!"

- Luella J., Florida
Get your card at no cost

Or learn more about how it works

Vision & Prescriptions Benefits Included—Free!

Unlike dental insurance plans, Carefree Dental also gives you FREE vision & prescription benefits!

Coast-to-Coast Vision™

Save 10–60% on glasses, contacts, Lasik surgery, eye exams, and designer eyewear.

Catamaran RX

Save 10–85% at over 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including CVS, Rite Aid, and Target.

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Customer Reviews

I saved over 40% at Lenscrafters buying lenses and frames. I only paid $172 instead of $298.99!

Alicia O., Texas

The usual cost of 2 crowns at Wall Street Dental is $1,200. I paid $700 for both, saving $500! I am so pleased with Carefree Dental and my dentist is awesome!

Susan M., Alabama

I went to Dr. Cross for oral surgery that would have costed $3,000. With Carefree Dental I only paid $2,128!

Jerry H., North Carolina