Dental Savings Plan

Carefree Dental couldn’t be easier. Here’s all you need to save big on your next dental visit:

  1. Activate your card Once you’ve downloaded your card, simply activate it with your first payment of $15.95/month for single or $19.95/month for families.

  2. Take your card to the dentist Bring your card to a participating provider, show your card and save money instantly. Your bill is reduced immediately at the time of service.

  3. Keep more of your money in your own pocket With every visit, you’ll get more and more savings out of your Carefree Dental Card – there are no limits on how often you can use it!

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There's No Catch and No Fine Print—Only
Simple, Convenient Savings

  • No hidden fees - no activation or additional service fees
  • One of the largest networks of providers nationwide
  • Month--to--month membership with no contracts, penalties, or cancellation fees
  • No waiting (sign up today & save tomorrow)
  • No paperwork to fill out or claims to file
  • Vision & prescription benefits are included (no extra fees)
  • One card works for your entire household (no extra fees)

"I am so happy with my Carefree Dental plan! When I had periodontal services done I only paid $59.00 instead of $134.00."

- Devin B., Ohio

FAQs About How Carefree Dental Works:

Where Can I Use It?

You can use your card with any dental provider in the Aetna Dental Access® Network, which includes over 161,000 available dental practice locations**.

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**As of August 2015

Does One Card Really Work for My Entire Household?

The short answer: YES!

Carefree Dental Card can be used by anyone living in your household. Choose the family plan for just $19.95 per month and one card is all you need for complete household savings.

How Does the Double­-Guarantee Work?

How the 30­-Day Guarantee Works

If you’re unsatisfied with your membership for any reason at all, just let us know within 30 days after the effective date and we'll deactivate your card and refund your $15.95 immediately—no questions asked.
Example: You sign up on January 1st and cancel on January 29th. We'll give you a full refund, even if you already used the card.

How the One-Year Guarantee Works

A year­-long membership with Carefree Dental costs $15.95 x 12 = $191.40. If, after one year, your savings add up to less than that, then we’ll reimburse you for the difference.
Example: If your card saves you only $100 in the first year, then we’ll reimburse you $91.40.

Exactly How Much Will I Save?

This chart gives you an idea of how much money you might save on average. Specific prices vary from one dentist to another, so we can’t tell you exactly how much your procedure will cost or how much you’ll save.

Sample Savings Chart
ProcedureNo PlanWith PlanSavings*% Saved
Braces $5,634.00$3,547.00$2,087.0037%
Crown $1,186.00$801.00$385.0032%
Complete X-Rays $152.00$80.00$72.0047%

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