Frequently Asked Questions About Carefree Dental

Using Carefree Dental is simple—members simply show the card and save! The dental care on which you save isn’t always so simple, though, and we know you have questions. Browse below to view some of the most common questions we’re asked by members and non-members alike.

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Is Carefree Dental/Coverdell a member of Consumer Health Alliance (CHA)?

Yes, Coverdell is a founding member of Consumer Health Alliance (CHA). CHA, the national trade association of the discount healthcare industry, was founded in 2002. CHA protects consumers' rights to choose affordable and practical non-insurance health care programs. CHA serves more than 45 million consumers in the US through its member companies.

How many dental care providers participate in your network?

Aetna Dental Access(R) has 226,000 available dental participating provider locations* across the United States.

Health insurance coverage quotes go up for unhealthy people. Is it the same with the Carefree Dental card?

No. Carefree Dental rates do not vary based on age or health history. 

How do I know if my current dental provider is part of your network?

There are thousands of participating providers who have agreed to accept members of Carefree Dental at discounted rates. Visit Find A Provider to search for your current providers.

Can I get a list of providers in my area?

Finding providers near you is easy. Simply visit Find A Provider and use the search tool to find a dentist nearest you. 

About Carefree Dental

Who can use the dental card?

If in the single plan you may use the benefit. if in the family plan you and anyone in your household may use the card.

Does this program cover existing conditions?

Yes. This is not insurance so there is no limitation to using the program. 

Is Carefree Dental insurance?

No. Carefree Dental is a program that provides discounts from the participating dentists' usual fees to Carefree Dental members.

Who does the Carefree Dental card cover?

Carefree Dental can provide discounts to just you, or you and your family, for a low monthly fee, regardless of age or health history. 

General Membership Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with a provider?

In an effort to provide you with meaningful savings on a variety of services, Carefree Dental has made arrangements with a variety of different healthcare networks that negotiate discounts with providers all over the U.S. These networks are listed on your membership card so you can access the discounts as part of this membership plan.

When you make an appointment, or arrive at a participating provider, show them your Carefree Dental Card prior to services being provided.

Who can I call if I have questions about my membership?

Simply call Customer Service at 1-800-436-8769 if you have any questions about your membership. Please have your membership card on hand for faster service. Or you can email us using the Contact Us feature. Please include your member number in your request.

When will my membership kit arrive?

When you enroll with Carefree Dental, you will receive an email with a link to download a temporary dental card. This allows you to take advantage of your card immediately. A physical card should arrive in the mail 7 to 10 days from your online enrollment.

What if I want to cancel?

You have 30 days from your effective date to review your membership and cancel with a full refund of fees paid. To cancel your membership, call 1-800-436-8769 or email us using the Contact Us feature. Please include your member number in your request.

How do I use my membership?

Using your Carefree Dental membership is easy. First, Visit Find A Provider to find a participating provider. When visiting a participating provider, be sure to present your membership card which will identify you as a member of Carefree Dental. The provider will calculate your discounted price with your Carefree Dental membership card, and you will receive automatic savings, right at the time of service.


* As of April 2020