Affordable Discount Dental Benefit for Cleanings

Keeping your teeth & gums clean is important, not just for oral hygiene but also for your overall health. Unfortunately, discount dental cleanings can be hard to come by--especially if you don’t have insurance. But with the Carefree Dental Card in your wallet, you’ll save an average of 47%* on cleanings at over 262,000** available dental practice locations around the country. Thanks to Carefree Dental, it’s cheaper--and easier--than ever before to keep your teeth looking clean and feeling healthy.

You could save $61 on your cleaning!*
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*Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service and geographic location. We use the average of negotiated fees from participating providers to determine the average costs, as shown on the chart. Based on the cost of care tool as of September 2021.
** As of April 2020

Affordable Discount Dental Benefit for Cleanings

Carefree Dental allows you to save on most dental procedures with just one card--starting at only $15.95/mo single and $19.95/mo for your entire household!

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How Much Does A Dental Cleaning Cost Without Carefree Dental?

Dentists set their own prices, so the cost of a dental cleaning varies from one provider to another. A few of the factors that can influence the price include:

  • The local market & demand. It’s typically easier to find a cheap dental cleaning in a small town than a big city like New York.
  • How extensive the dental cleaning is. If you have a lot of tartar build-up, your dentist might schedule you for a deep cleaning (which is more expensive).
  • Any extra services rendered, such as x-rays and an oral exam by the dentist, will incur additional fees.

According to CostHelper people paid $130.00 for a routine dental cleaning on average, with costs ranging from $75 all the way up to $200. That doesn’t include any extras such as dental x-rays or an oral exam, which raise the average price to $380.

  • Oral Exams are often recommended every 6 months, so many providers choose to combine these with your cleanings to save you an extra trip to the dentist’s office.
  • X-rays are often recommended once a year, so you should only need to have these taken during every other dental exam.

Most of the time, that’s all you’ll have to pay. But if your dentist finds evidence of gum or periodontal disease, then you might have to shell out some real cash for a deep cleaning.

What Is A “Deep Cleaning,” And How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

Once a year, your dentist should use a probe to measure your pocket depth, which is the depth of the gum tissue between your gums and your teeth. If your pocket depth is greater than 5 mm, that’s a sign of gum or periodontal disease--and you may need a deep cleaning.

Deep dental cleanings are also called “scaling and root planing,” because the procedure consists of two main steps:

  1. Scaling, where the dentist or hygienist will remove plaque from the surface of your teeth and from the pocket area between your teeth and gums.
  2. Root Planing, where the dentist or hygienist will remove tartar and plaque from the roots of your teeth.

All in all, a deep dental cleaning will require at least two visits to the provider’s office and will cost you anywhere from $500-$4,000, with the average cost hovering just above $1,250.

Why Carefree Dental Is The Perfect Discount Dental Plan for Dental Cleanings

As you’ve just learned, the cost of a dental cleaning can vary considerably. You could be looking at a bill of…

  • $75-$200 for just a cleaning
  • $100-$300 for a dental cleaning, exam, and x-rays
  • $500-$4,000 for a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing)

From $75 to $4,000...that’s a huge difference in potential price!

When you have such a wide variation in potential cost, it can be hard to select the right a discount dental plan. How do you know if you’re getting enough help, without overpaying for more than you need?

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with the Carefree Dental Card.

Carefree Dental is the dental discount plan that provides unlimited savings for one low monthly rate. What this means is that unlike most forms of dental insurance (which put a cap on your benefit amount), with Carefree Dental there’s no limit on how much you can save.

It doesn’t matter if your procedure costs $75, $200, or $4,000--you’ll save 15-50% per visit*, in most instances, with Carefree Dental.

How Much Can You Save On Dental Cleanings With Carefree Dental?

What’s great about Carefree Dental is that your savings are instant and automatic. Most providers do not offer payment plans for dental cleanings, so you’ll have to pay at the time of service. Fortunately, with the Carefree Dental Card you won’t need any dental cleaning payment plans--your cleaning will be affordable right from the start.

The card works instantly, which means you’ll automatically pay a discounted monthly rate (just show your card at the time of your visit). And your card is activated immediately upon your first payment, so you can take advantage of the 15-50% per visit*, in most instances, even if your appointment is as soon as this afternoon.

Finally, because Carefree Dental is powered by the Aetna Dental Access® Network so you’ll have access to participating dentists throughout the country.

Want to find out if your dentist accepts the Carefree Dental Card?

Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, it’s still important to get dental cleanings from a qualified dentist or hygienist for these reasons:

A dental cleaning is deeper and more thorough than brushing.

Dentists and hygienists have specialized equipment and training that allows them to clean your teeth more deeply and thoroughly than you can at home. No matter how diligent you are about brushing and flossing, there are certain things you won’t be able to clean--but your dentist can.

It will help prevent tooth decay and tooth loss.

A good dental cleaning will remove plaque buildup from the surface of your teeth. Plaque is an acidic film that can erode your tooth enamel and lead to decay and potentially even to tooth loss.

Oral hygiene is important to your overall health.

It may sound strange, but it’s true: people with gum disease are twice as likely to get heart disease, according to the American Academy of Periodotology. Researchers are still studying this strange link, but many believe that the risk factor exists because gum disease allows plaque from your mouth to enter your bloodstream through your gums.

The take-home message is clear: to keep yourself in better overall health, get regular dental cleanings!

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

During a dental cleaning (usually a 30-60 minute procedure), your hygienist will use a variety of tools to clean your teeth by removing plaque and tartar that has accumulated since your last cleaning.

Plaque is a soft film that covers your teeth over time. It’s acidic, and if it isn’t removed, it can gradually lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss over time. You remove plaque every time you brush your teeth, but odds are good that you aren’t able to remove 100% of plaque yourself.

When plaque is not removed, it hardens and becomes tartar. Tartar can only be removed with professional dental equipment, so once tartar forms on your teeth, the only way to remove it is by getting a dental cleaning.

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Affordable Dental Cleanings Are Just A Click Away

Instead of spending hours of your life comparing insurance plans, deciphering paperwork, and submitting claims, why not take the easy road and sign up for Carefree Dental? Carefree Dental is the smarter, easier way to save money on your dental expenses.

For just a small monthly fee, save 15-50% per visit*, in most instances, at the participating dentist--even on procedures that insurance doesn’t cover.

So what are you waiting for?

The longer you wait, the more you risk getting caught off-guard by an unexpected dental expense. So make sure to sign up for the Carefree Dental Card to secure your 15-50% per visit*, in most instances, savings today.

"I had 4 teeth extracted and received a full set of dentures. I saved around $5,000. I am recommending Carefree to others and very happy with the plan!" –  Barbara S., TX

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with your plan, cancel within the first 30 days after the effective date and we'll refund you in full—no questions asked, no hassle.

Money Back Savings Guarantee

If the savings on your dental care for the year add up to less than your plan’s annual cost, the difference will be paid directly to you.

* Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.

**As of April 2020

A professional dental cleaning is likely much more thorough than your home dental hygiene routine. Dentists and hygienists can get into areas you cannot to clean away plaque. Below are some additional reasons why you should consider an annual dental cleaning:

Prevent Tooth Decay

Plaque is the whitish film that builds up on your teeth over time. Plaque is acidic, and eats away at tooth enamel, which can eventually lead to tooth decay if it is not cleaned. With a professional teeth cleaning, your teeth are left clean and smooth so that bacteria will be unable to stick to them.

Stop Tooth Loss

It is extremely important that plaque build-ups are removed early on because after two-three weeks it will develop into gingivitis. Eventually the undisturbed plaque will hard and become tartar. Tartar cannot be removed without dental instruments, and it is a leading cause of periodontal disease. This gum disease can cause tooth loss and damage to the tissue surrounding your teeth. Regular cleanings can remove any tartar build-ups from plaque that you haven’t removed from brushing and flossing.

Promoting Overall Health

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is extremely important to your overall health. Gum disease is linked to many problems from heart attacks to strokes, and tooth decay can often lead to infections that spread throughout your body. Furthermore, many of these issues can lead to oral cancer, especially in smokers and drinkers. A regular teeth cleaning is one preventative measure in maintaining a healthy body.

Bright Smile

Along with preventing many dental and overall health issues, and the associate cost savings, having routine teeth cleanings leads to a better, more aesthetically pleasing smile. A professional dental cleaning can remove stains from coffee, tea and tobacco, and the polishing will lead to a whiter and healthier smile.

While maintaining good oral hygiene habits are important, it is often not enough to prevent issues from arising. Teeth cleanings will keep your teeth healthy and can save money in the long run. A dental discount plan that offers great deals and discounts for teeth cleanings can be extremely beneficial in avoiding expensive treatments that are entirely preventable in the first place!

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