Fluoride: Leading the Silent Pandemic of Neurodevelopmental Toxicity

Fluoride has been used in our water supply for decades to prevent cavities but now a widely-known medical journal has declared it a neurotoxin. Learn more here.

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5 Healthy Foods That Cause Bad Breath & What You Can Do About It

Some of our favorite foods provide more than just major health benefits. They also give us bad breath. Learn about these foods and how to combat the bad breath.

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Why Peppers are Hot —and Might Just Save Your Life

Why are chili peppers so spicy? Is hot sauce good for you? There’s a surprising reason why peppers are so tantalizingly hot and healthy.

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The Sour Truth Behind Artificial Sweeteners

Choosing sugar-free cola over its sugary counterpart is better for your teeth, right? Shockingly, no —it may be causing cavities! Here’s why:

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4 Common Drinks That are Worse for Your Teeth Than Soda

Soda or fruit juice —which one is better for your teeth? If you think the answer is juice, you’ll have to think again. Here’s why:

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Best and Worst Breakfasts for Your Teeth

Updated August 17, 2016

Barely awake, you drag yourself out of bed as the sound of the alarm pierces your head. It’s chaos in the house with the children trying to find clothes to wear and where they put their homework. It’s time to get everybody ready and out the door for school. But wait, they need to have breakfast.

Busy mornings sometimes lead to unhealthy breakfast choices. It's easier to pop a frozen waffle or breakfast pastry into the toaster than to prepare less-sugary fare. Besides, the kids won't throw a fit as long as their breakfast contains more sugar than any other ingredient, right? Sugary breakfast foods, however, can cause cavities, bad breath, and other nasty side effects. We’ve outlined some of the worst, and best, breakfast choices for your teeth.

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The Negative Effects of Your Weight-Loss Diet

Updated August 19, 2016

Dieting is a resolution for the new year, or for one of your milestone birthdays, such as the twenty-fifth, thirtieth, fortieth, or fiftieth. We all want to look good and feel great, but it is hard to get those pounds off once they are packed on. With too much to do every day and too little time, exercising and dieting have gone to the wayside, and we need to get back to what is important, our health!

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How much sugar is in the ever-popular pumpkin foods and drinks?

Pumpkin foods and drinks are great for spreading seasonal cheer, but they’re not always so good for your health. Have you ever wondered what exactly is in everything pumpkin? Find out just how much sugar you’re consuming with each sip of that pumpkin spice latte.

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