Are Dental Amalgam Fillings Safe?

The controversy about the safety of dental amalgam is back up for debate after the FDA released an update to its view on the use of mercury-based composites for repairing cavities.

So, what’s the deal with dental amalgam fillings? Are they safe for people? Should you be worried about having mercury in your mouth?

This post addresses the controversy and gets down to the truth about dental amalgam so you can rest easy.

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The Answer to Your Tooth Troubles Could Be a Corpse

Dental patients who need grafts or implants might be surprised by the spooky options they’re faced with. Read on to learn how dentists can give bones a new life with dental implants.

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7 Mobile Apps That Can Aid in Your Oral Health

Mobile apps have taken oral health to an entirely new level. Whether it's a game for kids or access to emergency dental care, your oral health is made far more manageable with these excellent apps.

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