Low-Cost Dentist Options for the Whole Family

As important as dental care is, you might be hesitant to see a dentist or take your family to see one because of the high costs. Dental insurance can only do so much and helps save costs to some extent, but some plans don't even cover emergency bills or adult dental services.

So, you’ll need better cost-saving dental care options for your whole family, and thankfully, other affordable options are available. This article will show you some low-cost dentist options that can cater to your entire family and help you save money.

 8 Ways to Find a Low-Cost Dentist

Dental services are expensive, and it might be even more difficult if you have a family with kids who need dental care. But, not to worry, there are options for you to consider to get the best treatment for dental problems that you or your children may have.

One way to prevent dental costs is to maintain the best oral hygiene possible. Flossing and brushing daily will help prevent teeth discoloration, decay, and other dental health problems. Also, teach healthy oral practices to your children to prevent them from developing tooth cavities or decay.

However, if you or a family member needs to see a dentist for a procedure or dental checkup, you can go for one of the following options:

1. Low-Cost Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is quite expensive, but you can still find some dental insurance plans that cost a bit less. These insurance plans will only cover routine dental checkups or selected dental procedures. However, if an emergency comes up, you may have to pay out of your pocket.

2.  Dental Schools

Getting dental treatments from medical students under training will help you save a lot of money. These clinics offer their services at a discounted cost to give dentistry students practical experience. In addition, you won't have to worry about their inexperience as most of the procedures are carried out under the supervision of certified dental care professionals.

3. Government Dental Care Provisions

The governments of some states provide dental aids for children and even adults. These aids cover routine checkups for children and comprehensive dental checks for adults.

To enjoy this benefit, you’ll need to find out if your state's government provides dental aid. A downside of this option is that not all dental care providers accept patients under governmental aid.

4. Nonprofit Groups or Organizations

You can obtain dental treatments at affordable costs through local community service groups. Also, several national charity organizations focus on connecting low-income families with dentists and orthodontists who provide dental services at reasonable fees. These organizations make it easy for you to access low-cost dental care close to you.

5. Dental Events

Dental events are another way of reducing dental treatment costs for your family. Although they happen occasionally,  they can go a long way in saving you dental fees. However, the services are usually provided first-come, first-serve.

You can check out dental care providers in your area to find out when the next dental event will be.

6. Community Health Care Services

Community health clinics are another potential source of low-cost dental care, in addition to dental schools. These clinics are managed by certain dental regulatory bodies to provide dental services to low-income individuals and families.

Depending on the area, a community health clinic could provide discounted cleaning and other preventive treatments. Look out for a clinic near you and contact them as soon as possible because available appointments frequently get booked out in advance.

7. Find Affordable Dental Care Outside Your State

Smaller or sparsely populated states might have dental clinics that would not charge as much as dentists in big cities. So, it might be worth traveling to such locations to get low-cost dentists for your family. 

8. Dental Discount Plans

There are several affordable dental discount plans that you can choose from. Some of these dental care providers give out discount cards that will only require you to pay a specified monthly or yearly fee to access discounts on dental treatments.

How Does Carefree Dental Discount Plan Work?

At Carefree Dental, we’re dedicated to helping you and your family access dental services at a lower cost. As a Carefree Dental member, you can save on dental procedures at a  participating provider. And you can access these savings as soon as you sign up.

Luckily, the signup process is easy too:

  • Step 1: Fill out a discount plan application and have your discount card sent to you together with the membership guide.
  • Step 2: After receiving the card, you'll have to activate it depending on the programyou choose - $15.95/month if you’re single and $19.95/month for your entire family.
  • Step 3: Finally, you can take the card to a participating dentist and enjoy discounts on dental procedures.

You can get 15-50%* off your dental bill at participating providers with the Carefree Dental Card per visit in most instances. 

Some of the dental procedures Carefree Dental can help you access include:

  • General oral examinations
  • Teeth cleaning and flossing
  • Cavity filling 
  • Complete dental x-rays
  • Root canals
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental braces

How Much Does a Carefree Dental Membership Cost?

You can get a Carefree Dental membership for only $15.95/month for individuals and $19.95/month for families. Considering that you can get 15-50%* off in most instances at participating providers, the return on this membership can be very quick.

Sign up for Carefree Dental to get the best deal in dental!


*Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.

The Carefree Dental blog is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The text and pictures within the content are intended for information purposes only. Readers should consult with a licensed dentist or healthcare professional before seeking treatment.

The Carefree Dental Card is not insurance and Carefree Dental is not an insurance provider.

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