7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Tooth Decay

Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent cavities? To protect your mouth from tooth decay, here are 7 crucial things you need to do.

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Why Sports Drinks are Destroying Athletes’ Teeth

What’s so bad about drinking Gatorade while you work out? The trend between consuming sports drinks and dental erosion among athletes may surprise you.

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What are the types of teeth in my mouth?

Updated August 19, 2016

Have you ever considered all the structures in your mouth? From the hangy down thing in the back of your mouth to the multiple types of individual teeth, there is a lot of stuff going on in your mouth!

When you care for your teeth, smile for the camera, and laugh with your mouth wide open, you probably consider whether your teeth look good. But what are those teeth doing in there? Why are some of them different? Here are the basics when it comes to what's in your mouth.

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