Can a Sonic Toothbrush save your teeth?

If you've been down the dental care aisle lately, you know that there are tons of choices when choosing a toothbrush. Are you choosing the right one? Do you like the electric kind or the standard? You've no doubt been brushing your teeth for many years now and maybe you've tried several kinds, or maybe you stick with what you've always used.

Regardless, when you see a toothbrush advertised as doing so much better than the one you are using, you have to wonder if you should try it out. The newest, latest, and greatest thing in the toothbrush world is the sonic toothbrush, but is it for you?


What makes it special?

The sonic toothbrush is touted as a toothbrush that can clean places in your mouth your normal toothbrush can't. It's a very specialized type of electric toothbrush that, unlike other brushes, cleans deep between teeth. This is because the vibrations and speed of the head are faster and more powerful than your average electric toothbrush and this creates a flow of saliva and toothpaste between your teeth and below the gum line. 

People who use the sonic toothbrush love the way their teeth feel after they brush, almost like they've had their teeth professionally cleaned. There is no doubt: the technology of this toothbrush is great.

What are the cons?

A big drawback to the sonic toothbrush is the hefty price tag. You can expect to pay at least fifty dollars for one and that's if you can score a great deal on one that's on sale. You'll also have to buy replacement heads just like you have to replace toothbrushes. Most of these toothbrushes are more than one hundred dollars. Prices and models do vary, but a big price tag is consistent.

Who will benefit from it?

So, does the sonic toothbrush actually clean your teeth better? If you are someone who brushes and flosses as recommended, you are cleaning everywhere that a sonic toothbrush does. If that's the case and you're already doing a good job caring for your teeth, it probably isn't worth the switch to a sonic toothbrush. 

However, if you skip flossing like so many people do, a sonic toothbrush would probably be a good investment. A sonic toothbrush is not supposed to take the place of flossing, but for those that don't do it, it can at least partially combat the effects of your forgetfulness (or laziness). When it comes down to it, though, brushing with a standard toothbrush for two minutes and then flossing does a better job at keeping your teeth clean than brushing with a sonic toothbrush and not flossing.

Is it for you? 

What it comes down to is personal preference. If you brush and floss and are happy with the way things are, stick to the toothbrush you've been using and know that you are doing exactly what a sonic toothbrush does and more. If you skip flossing or don't brush your teeth for very long, then a sonic toothbrush might be worth looking into since it will be an improvement over what you are currently doing.

Your oral health is important and if you know your brushing and flossing habits, you will be better able to choose the best type of brush for you. The biggest thing is to be conscious of your oral health!

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