How Does Beer Affect Your Teeth?

Updated August 17, 2016

Mmmm…. A nice, cold crisp beer in the summertime to quench your thirst and keep you cool from the hot, sweltering sun.  St Patrick’s Day is another event where we like to get together with friends and drink beer. St Patrick's Day has come and gone once more, which of course means lots of beer was consumed. For the majority of those celebrating around the world, it's likely that the health of their teeth was one of the last things on their mind. But for those that are concerned with keeping that pearly white smile, how does all of that beer affect your teeth?

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The Hidden Impact of Dental Care on Business and Education

Anyone in business or school is familiar with “sick days.” The loss of a work or school day isn't always under your control, but if you don't take care of your body, you're more like to get sick and require some time off. What many people don't consider is that dental problems can have the same negative effect on our work and educational lives.

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You Have No Reason to Fear Going to the Dentist

Updated August 19, 2016

Why are so many people, both children, and adults alike, afraid to go to the dentist? Fear can be, and is, a complicated emotion. It causes anticipatory anxiety of the situation and what may occur in the exam. Maybe the individual had a bad experience with the dentist as a child and had that trauma ingrained into their brain for the rest of their lives. Perhaps a child saw a parent or a loved one go through a painful and exhausting dental procedure, and now they fear going to the dentist. Whatever the reason, fear is a powerful motivator that can stop you from getting your dental check-ups. 

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Traditional Dental Insurance vs. Dental Discount Plans

Today, more Americans lack dental coverage than health insurance, meaning many don’t go to the dentist even if they think that they should because they just can’t afford it. It can be difficult to decide how to deal with dental health financially, but below is a brief overview of some of the methods to save money, from traditional insurance to dental discount plans.

Dental health is important and tied to your overall health and wellness, too. Don't let cost cause you to delay or ignore much needed dental treatment! Get your dental health in order!

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Home vs. Professional Dental Services: What is Right for You?

You already know that it’s essential to keep your teeth clean, strong, and sparkly white, but do you know the best way to approach any of these techniques? Learn about some of the most popular dental procedures and discover the differences between using at-home products and visiting a professional dentist.

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