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Toothscan: A Viable Solution to Revolutionizing Dental Health Technology and Putting Dental Health In Our Own Hands

Imagine this: what if you could manage and track the health of your teeth on a daily basis? What if, instead of waiting until your next dental appointment, you could find out how you're doing right now? Are any cavities forming? Are there any areas that need attention right away? 

technology scanner for teeth

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Being able to track your progress would give you the confidence in knowing that the changes you are making to improve your dental health are actually working. Instead of longing for that piece of candy or doughnut or other heavy carbohydrate food, you could eat your salad in peace because you know how much it's helping you keep strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Well, listen up. This scenario may be in your near future.

A new device that lets you monitor and track your dental health could be coming on the market very soon. It is a smart device called Toothscan and it works with your smart phone or PC. It hit Indiegogo in late 2014 and was expected to begin shipping to customers in November 2015.

This new device could revolutionize the dental health industry, helping consumers assess their dental health regularly to prevent major dental health issues like cavities and tooth decay and avoid expensive visits to the dentist or worse, the oral surgeon.

How It Works

Toothscan is an electronic device shaped like a toothbrush that uses technology called spectroscopy to assess the health of your teeth. Spectroscopy is a method used to measure the frequency of light, electromagnetic or acoustic waves within a substance. When the device is moved over the teeth, it sends out a pulse of light which bounces off the enamel on the teeth and relays information to the scanner. The information collected is relayed to its accompanying app on your smartphone or PC and is then used to evaluate the health of your teeth.  

In a bid to save money at the dentist Toothscan allows you to track the progress of your dental health on a daily basis with an electronic diary and tracking graph. It offers input on what is going on with your teeth right now. It lets you know if any cavities are forming or if bacteria needs to be washed away. And it can tell you if you need to focus especially on enamel remineralization or cavity healing. 

This tracking ability is particularly helpful if you are making changes to your diet in an effort to improve your dental health. There isn't anything better than knowing that your sacrifices of eliminating sweets and carbs in an effort to achieve better dental health is actually paying off! Oh, sweet victory!

The battery life for the Toothscan is approximately five days on a single charge, so using it while traveling could help you practice good dental health even while on vacation when you're more focused on enjoying the museums or taking in the sights.

The Future of Dental Health

If it performs as expected, this new device could be used as an early detection tool for dental issues such as enamel erosion and tooth decay, helping consumers save money on dental services and avoid undergoing extensive dental treatment. Who wouldn't want to avoid a filling or a root canal?

Used in conjunction with regular visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning, Toothscan could help take the anxiety out of dental health. Research shows that a high percentage of people avoid visiting the dentist simply because they fear the verdict. It seems that cavities are a constant reminder that perfect dental health is hard to obtain despite our efforts to perform good dental care. The device could show signs of early stages of enamel erosion before it can be seen visually, so that would allow the patient to take special measures to improve the enamel before it develops into a bigger issue, potentially preventing further erosion, tooth decay, and cavities.  

While a lot of buzz has been going on about Toothscan since late 2014, it has yet to be released for purchase. If you are interested in preordering the Toothscan, you can go on their website and enter your email address in the register field to reserve your device.

Until this new smart device is made available for consumer purchase, getting your teeth checked out at the dentist's office will have to do. But keep in mind that the device isn't meant to replace visiting the dentist. Its primary goal is to serve as an early detection tool, giving you the ability to work with your dentist to determine proper preventive maintenance.



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